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With over 25 years of experience in e-commerce and cross channel retail, we’re grounded in reality. We work with you to deliver actionable plans to help your online business thrive. Clients often come to us for:


What Our Clients Say

I’ve worked with Sally on two separate engagements. Without exception, her work has been exceptional: well planned, thoroughly researched, efficient and most important, effective in delivering to the projects’ goals. Sally has an uncanny ability to apply her considerable industry background, contacts, and knowledge tactfully and in a way that creates the right dialogue and leads to the best decisions.

Brad Brown
SVP Digital Retail & Direct Sales REI

Sally worked on several diverse projects for our e-commerce team at T-Mobile. Sally’s experience and ability to collaborate across the organization provided cohesive recommendations which were successfully implemented. Sally is a seasoned e-commerce industry leader that I trust to provide expertise in marketing, merchandising, analytics, customer experience and organizational design.

Mark Staudinger
President Tirebuyer.com
(former VP Web Strategy, T-Mobile)


are smart, efficient,
fast and nimble.

So are we.

Our small size, laser focus, and depth of experience allow us to quickly and efficiently assess your challenges and provide actionable recommendations that are uniquely tailored to your business.

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Sally McKenzie Consulting is an independent e-commerce consultancy specializing in e-commerce and multi-channel retail strategy.

We help online and multi-channel retailers and brand manufacturers to succeed online by developing the strategies, business plans, financial plans and organizational models needed to prosper in the digital age.

Our proven approach provides you with a thorough, rigorous evaluation and benchmarking of your online business, highlighting opportunities to improve the customer experience and optimize profitability.

We create financial models and actionable roadmaps for execution across all functional areas (marketing, merchandising, operations, technology and organizational design). We help you deliver your e-commerce strategy and business case to your executive team, educate your colleagues and build the cross-functional support you need to move forward.

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