Slowing growth rates? Increasing competition? Challenges with channel integration? We’re experts in guiding organizations through the tough issues and options facing online and multi-channel retailers today.

How can I make my online business more successful?

While there are many factors that drive success in e-commerce, the big “levers” are:

  • Driving qualified traffic to the site cost effectively
  • Converting site visitors to buy
  • Increasing the spend of buying customers
  • Achieving “back office” efficiencies to lower operational costs
  • Strategically integrating channels and touch-points to drive loyalty

Chances are the keys to growth and profitability will come through improvements in one or more of these areas. With a thorough site audit and business evaluation, we will perform a detailed review of your site and online business and develop a clear, prioritized roadmap of actions to improve performance.

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What investments should I make to position my e-commerce business for growth?

The e-commerce industry is fast paced and the competitive dynamics shift rapidly. Most companies successful in e-commerce have learned that careful, continuous investment and relentless optimization is necessary to stay ahead of the curve. Today, e-commerce leaders are faced with a myriad of investment decisions from mobile & tablet commerce to social media to data and infrastructure initiatives.

Way too often, retailers lose focus when it comes to e-commerce and feel that they need to have every feature and the latest technology to be successful. Valuable time and energy can be wasted chasing the cutting edge. We can help you cut through the noise and clutter and develop a plan and investment roadmap to meet your short and long term goals.

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How should my e-commerce business work with my other channels (stores, catalog, wholesale)?

While most multi-channel retailers aspire to the nirvana of a seamless, integrated experience across all of their customer touch-points, most companies struggle with the complications of executing well in an ‘Omni-channel’ world. The truth is, there is no “fast track” or single best approach to integrated retail; the options are many and the answer is different for each retailer.

We’ve helped many multi-channel retailers tackle the hard strategic and operational questions and build actionable cross-channel business plans and roadmaps to position themselves for future success.

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How should my e-commerce team be structured? Who do I need to hire?

Determining the right e-commerce structure and finding the right talent is one of the top challenges we see amongst retailers today. Demand for new, specialized skill sets is a constant and the job market for experienced digital professionals is highly competitive. We’ve worked extensively with both mid-sized and large retailers on their e-commerce and cross-channel organizational designs. We have a deep understanding of the critical roles and processes required to run a successful online business.

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What should I do about mobile and social media?

Smartphones and tablets have dramatically changed consumer shopping behavior and have brought a wave of change and innovation to retail. Social media has captured the interest of retailers, but most have struggled to make the clear connection to commerce. Both of these rapidly emerging trends are top of mind for many e-commerce leaders as they wrestle with questions like “What does my customer need and want from social and mobile interactions with my brand?” “How much time and money should I invest in these nascent technologies?” “Whose job it is it to manage social and mobile? Where in the organization should they reside?” We can help you put emerging technologies in the context of your overall strategy and roadmap, and provide sound guidance for how and when to address the latest “shiny object”.

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Should I start an e-commerce business? What do I need to know?

Starting an e-commerce business today comes with a paradox. On one level, the tools and technologies available to start an e-commerce site are more pervasive and lower cost than ever before. On another level, the competition has never been more intense. Creating a value proposition that is truly unique and finding cost effective ways to drive qualified traffic to your business are more challenging than ever. While e-commerce may “look easy” to an outsider, like any other business, it’s complex and it requires substantial work and skill.

We’ve worked with many early stage companies to help them understand the basics of operating an online business, refine their business plans and set expectations for the road ahead.

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What Our Clients Say

Sally has a deep knowledge of Retail, Direct to Consumer and E-commerce – in all disciplines, and she has a great knack and considerable poise and skill for being able to jump in and drive results without being pushy or aggressive. Her expert understanding of marketing, finance, operations, and merchandising make it easy to work with her across a variety of projects.

She is a highly strategic thinker yet has an uncommon ability to also get down into the weeds (if that is what the project requires) to bring people along and drive a project towards completion.

Jodi Watson
VP Global E-commerce and Consumer Insights
Wolverine Worldwide

I engaged Sally for an “organizational design” assignment and could not have been more pleased with the results. She understands organizations of varying sizes and the e-commerce landscape in a manner matched by few. We crafted a presentation that was ready for Sr. Management, easy to digest and implement. She is a seasoned pro who is a pleasure to work with and most importantly, delivers the intended results.

Bob Jones, Director
Consumer Direct Sales
Black Diamond Equipment