Consulting Services

It’s easy to feel “lost” in the rapidly evolving world of digital retail. E-commerce is our specialty. We can help you find your way and chart a clear path to success.

Strategic Business Plans and Roadmaps

A very smart colleague once said “Plans are always wrong. But they’re still important”. A well-crafted plan helps you align team members, allocate budget and resources and prioritize work. Unfortunately, all too many planning efforts wind up collecting dust on shelf. We take pride in creating plans that get implemented and produce results. Our proven process is collaborative and thorough. It clears up ambiguity and gets e-commerce teams excited about where they’re headed.

When your plan is completed, you’ll be able to articulate:

  • The role of e-commerce in your overall business
  • A positioning that is unique, desirable to your customers, and defensible
  • How your e-commerce effort will integrate with your other channels
  • Critical actions and milestones across all functional areas to achieve goals
  • How to structure and staff your organization for success
  • The financial impacts of the plan to the top and bottom line

Customer Experience and Business Evaluations

An objective, experienced “set of eyes” on your e-commerce business can reveal both low hanging fruit and strategic opportunities to improve the customer experience and business performance. Our detailed audits are an in depth look “under the hood” of your business and your site. We:

  • Analyze the KPIs of your business
  • Perform detailed audits of your online marketing, merchandising and customer experience across channels and touch-points
  • Recommend short and long term priorities for performance improvement
  • Surface “best in class” examples and benchmarks
  • Develop a focused roadmap for executing and measuring progress

Organizational Design

We believe that successful cross channel organizational design is not just about boxes on org charts; it’s also about the planning, communication and processes within and across teams. We can help you determine:

  • What functions should reside with your e-commerce team and where the e-commerce team should report
  • The critical functions, resources and skill sets needed to operate an e-commerce or cross-channel business successfully
  • How teams should communicate and work together to deliver the best customer experience across channels
  • Critical success measures for each functional group
  • A prioritized hiring plan for the organization to prepare for integration and growth

Presentations, Workshops and E-commerce Education

We’re passionate about e-commerce and cross-channel retail. We welcome the opportunity to share what we’ve learned either in stimulating interactive workshops or through topical analysis and whitepapers. We can help educate and engage your board, executive team or work group on a wide variety of strategic and tactical issues impacting digital retail. We offer:

  • Presentations & speaking engagements
  • Workshop & meeting facilitation
  • Classes and educational materials
  • Industry analysis, white papers and trend reports

What Our Clients Say

We hired Sally to help us build our initial business plan for direct to consumer e-commerce at Columbia Sportswear. Her thorough process covered all aspects of the business; merchandising, marketing, site experience, operations and technology. Her ability to work across functional areas at Columbia helped us to get buy-in from senior executives and execute smoothly once the plan was approved. When we hired our VP of E-Commerce, he was able to implement the plan exactly as it was created with almost no change. Sally’s help and expertise helped us hit the ground running.

Kerry Barnes
VP of Retail Columbia Sportswear

Sally was absolutely tremendous to work with and made a significant impact to our e-commerce growth strategy, operational plan and organizational design. She was able to come into the situation and quickly assess our current state and create a prioritized list of top opportunities. Most importantly, her candid and direct approach was very effective, and her engagement style of “teaching clients how to fish” had a lasting impact on our team.

Boren Novakovic
Global Director of E-commerce, Digital Marketing & Commercial Innovation, Kimberly Clark (former Director of E-commerce and Digital Marketing, Whirlpool)